Regional conference

Regional Conference is our annual event, which we have successfully held three times (2014, 2015, 2016). During the very first regional conference in Kyiv, which gathered around 300 people, together with Reed we honoured the memory of a great Georgian reformer Kakha Bendukidze. Approximately 200 people attended our Lviv Regional Conference. Last year’s Free Generation Forum 2016, which we organised in cooperation with Reed and Bendukidze Free Market Center, was our most successful regional conference by far, since we managed to get around 500 attendees.

Liberty Classes

Liberty Classes is a series of free lectures about liberty. After a great success of KNEU Liberty Classes in spring 2015 we decided to have another 2 seasons of lectures – in autumn, 2015 and spring, 2016. Throughout all editions we held 36 events in four Ukrainian cities (Kyiv, Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv) and got more than 1,000 unique visitors. All lectures of spring season as well as of some previous ones had been recorded and are available to everyone.

Free Startup Project

In cooperation with leaders of the liberty movement in France, Ukrainian SFL launched Free Startup Project Ukraine. The main end of FSP is to help students develop their startup ideas. In June, 2016 we held the very first startup weekend, which gathered approximately 40 young freedom – loving entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. In addition, together with Estonian Mises Institute we organised an open lecture about e-governance.

Liberty Camps

With our partners we organized 3 liberty camps in Ukraine: in Lviv, Yaremche and Odesa. The purpose of the Camp is to create an exciting adventure opportunity for people of different nationalities by allowing them to improve their language skills and get a better understanding of the world. Not only in terms of economics and politics, but cultural variety as well. During one week in the most beautiful places of Ukraine we had been exploring liberty from various perspectives: philosophy, history, law. In this way we created a foundation for meetings and discussions. Our lecturers were businessmens, investors and liberty activists.

SFL Retreats

As a part of global Students For Liberty network our local coordinators participate in ESFL Local Coordinator Retreats in different parts of Europe.

Other activities

Apart from the long-term projects, Ukrainian SFL has organised a variety of standalone events. Among them the open lecture of Yaron Brook about capitalism and self-interest. Our leaders also translated the latest book of Tom Palmer ‘Self-control or state-control: you choose’ and held a presentation of the English version with the author of the book as a speaker. Recently we launched a project «Liberty through theatre» and held the very first Liberty Movie Night.

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